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Magistrate Judges

Jeff Barlow
Contact Info:

P. 304-732-8000 ext. 260

Roger Snow
Contact Info:

P.304-732-8000 ext. 258

Donald C. Cook
Contact Info:

P.304-732-8000 ext .272


What is a Magistrate?

Like other states, West Virginia utilizes the magistrate court system. There are 158 magistrates statewide, with at least two in every county. Currently, there are seven (3) magistrate seats in Wyoming County. Most every court case begins at the Magistrate court level.

Magistrates issue arrest and search warrants, hear misdemeanor cases, conduct preliminary examinations in felony cases, and hear civil cases with $5,000 or less in dispute. Magistrates also issue emergency protective orders in cases involving domestic violence. The circuit courts hear appeals of magistrate court cases.

How long do magistrates serve once elected in office?

Magistrates run for four-year terms in partisan elections.

What are the qualifications for magistrate?

Magistrates do not have to be lawyers. Current qualifications state that potential candidates must be 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or equivalent. However, some of the magistrates in the state have backgrounds in law enforcement, social work or various other related backgrounds.

Are magistrates volunteers?

No. Magistrate is a paid position. 

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