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ATV Trails​

​The Pinnacle Creek Trail System located near the town of Pineville consists of approximately 79.6 total miles of trail. This Trail System also has a trail connector that links to the Indian Ridge Trail System. Trail visitors can ride legally with direct trail access on the connector between the Indian Ridge and Pinnacle Creek Trail. The Pinnacle Creek Trail system has one Trailhead with a two-acre parking area and restrooms. This trail system is known for its breathtaking scenic views and is located less than one hour from world class whitewater rafting and a snow skiing resort. This trail system has not one, but two community connectors to the Trailrider friendly towns of Pineville and Mullens, WV. The breakdown in trail percentages for the Pinnacle Creek Trail System is as follows: 29 miles or 36% are green trails (easiest), 30.2 miles or 38% blue trails (more difficult), 7.3 miles or 9% black trails (most difficult), 5.1 or 6% black/red trails (extreme difficult), and 8 miles or 11% orange trails (single track). Under Related Links you will find directions to its Trailhead, a current map of the trail, information about community connectors, and links to attractions and lodging near the Pinnacle Creek Trail System.

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