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Wyoming County Health Department

44 Cedar Street
Courthouse Annex
PO Box 1679
Pineville, WV  24874
Ph (304) 732-7941
Fax (304) 732-6709

8:00am - 4:00pm

Board of Health Members:

Carol Morgan
Debra K. Cook
David "Bugs" Stover
Kevin Kissel, O.D.
Michael McCoy, PHA


Centers for Disease Control

Vaccines & Immunizations

Disaster Preparedness

Public Health Sanitation Forms

Summer Safety

West Nile Virus Info

WV Coalition Against Drug Abuse



Contact Personnel:

Administrator-William Fred Cox
Primary Nursing Contact-Gena L. Carter
Health Officer-Samuel A. Muscari, Jr.,D.O.
Equipment and IT Contact-William Fred Cox
Financial Management Contact-William Fred Cox
Environmental Health Contact-William Fred Cox
Environmental Health Backup-Samuel A. Muscari, Jr., D.O
Health Promotion Contact-Gena L. Carter
Surveillance Contact 1-Gena L. Carter
Surveillance Contact 2-Crystal Dawn Simpson
Rabies Contact-William Fred Cox
STD Contact-Crystal Dawn Simpson
HIV Contact-Crystal Dawn Simpson
TB Contact-Gena L. Carter
VPD Contact-Gena L.Carter
Smallpox Contact-Gena L. Carter
WVEDSS Contact-Crystal Dawn Simpson
Threat Preparedness Coordinator-Gena L. Carter
Threat Preparedness Back-up-Crystal Dawn Simpson
SNS Coordinator-Crystal Dawn Simpson
SNS Back-up-Gena L. Carter
Training Coordinator-Crystal Dawn Simpson
Training Backup-Gena L. Carter
Volunteer Coordinator-LeeShand Shields
Volunteer Back-up-Gena L. Carter
Risk Communication Coordinator-Gena L. Carter
Risk Communication Back-up-Crystal Dawn Simpson
Responder Health & Safety Coordinator-LeeShand Shields
Responder Health  & Safety Back-up-Gena L. Carter
Health Alert Network Coordinator-LeeShand Shields
Health Alert Network Coordinator Back-up-Gena L. Carter

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