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The Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department provides protection and service to the citizens of Wyoming County 24 hours a day. The Sheriff’s office is committed to the protection of life and property, the preservation of peace order and safety. Wyoming County has nineteen officers covering 507 square miles with a population of 25,142 people. Today one of the important roles of the office of the sheriff is as county treasurer, responsible for the collection, custody and disbursement of public funds.

*You may pay your taxes in person by mail or online at

*You may renew your licenses in person or online at

The Sheriff’s other services to the community include securing and transporting prisoners, maintaining court security and providing service of all civil and criminal papers. The Sheriff’s Department handles approximately four thousand calls and checks five hundred wrecks a year. In addition we arrest eight hundred people a year.


Chief Deputy Don Cook
Lt. Randy Brooks
Lt.Scott Cook- PRO
Lt. Will Hall

Captain  Tommy Blankenship
Sgt. Kenny Wallen                        Sgt. Eric McKinney                      Cpl. Earnest Harper, Jr. 

Cpl. Christian Hedinger

Sgt. Matthew Lane
Cpl. Tyler Sizemore
Cpl. Logan Cook

Jacob Stafford- PRO

Tyler Phillips

Justin Grimmette

Tucker Cook

Zach Cook

Jacob Ellison

Bradley Ellison
Contact Info:


P.O. Box 529

24 Main Avenue
Pineville, WV 24874
304-732-8000 ext.304
Fax: 304-732-8712

K-9 Division   
 Logan Cook, 
  Christian Hedinger

Tommy Blankenship 

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